So nice here, the weather is amazing and the shops are even better. Everything is on 70%…Dangerous…When i slept of the plain i went to my friend Jo’s house where I’m stying…unpacked went for lunch with the girls and hit the shops.

Next stop London…

Ahh its 5.15 and I’m on my way to jump in a taxi…My eyes are not doing to well. There finding it really hard to stay open. But hey its worth least i get a hole day of shops…cant wait.

My make up.

I don’t wear foundation so use concealer from makeup store under eyes and on red areas such as around nose. Then i use Matt Bronze powder from Mac. On my lips I use lip base from Face and pink lipstick from versace over and then a mac lipgloss. On my eyes I use dark blue eye line above eye never under..makes my eyes tiny! Then eye lash  curler from shu uemura (best one in the world) Then Helena Rubinstein mascara and to finish of I use chocolate brown eye shadow in the crease of my eye.

Friday Night

I canceled bowling night…Decided to stay home and rest and finish unfinished work. After all my alarm is set for 5 tomorrow…Ahhh that’s usually when i get home on a Friday..Oh well! Have a great Friday night….


OK, I take back everything I said about the snow being annoying!! This was the most beautiful day I have ever seen…Once the snow stopped falling the sun started shining and everyone looked happy…Walking there dogs and plying in the snow..So beautiful. Now pack for London then bowling night.


Lovely Petra and Linnea from bubble room magazine just left my place…we had so much fun playing around in my wardrobe… Theres a massive snow storm outside and its been so cosy to sit inside play dress up, drink tea and giggle…

It’s Back!

Oh no…its back (The snow)..i swear the winter in Sweden is never ending. Just when you could start walking on the side walks without concentrating on how not to slip!!! Luckily I’m out of here on Saturday…Woo hoo…I’m going to London to finish some songs. Also I cant wait to see my wonderful friends. Anywho, Just spent about two hours cleaning my house and organizing my wardrobe as Bubble room magazine is coming here tomorrow for a look at my wardrobe and an interview.

Walk time..

Just finished my favorite time of the day breakfast and coffee..Now I’m gonna go for a power walk with Leroy.


Todays Outfit

Outfit: Trench coat Weekday T-shirt: Acne Jeans Paper denim cloth.