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It’s Back!

Oh no…its back (The snow)..i swear the winter in Sweden is never ending. Just when you could start walking on the side walks without concentrating on how not to slip!!! Luckily I’m out of here on Saturday…Woo hoo…I’m going to London to finish some songs. Also I cant wait to see my wonderful friends. Anywho, Just spent about two hours cleaning my house and organizing my wardrobe as Bubble room magazine is coming here tomorrow for a look at my wardrobe and an interview.

Walk time..

Just finished my favorite time of the day breakfast and coffee..Now I’m gonna go for a power walk with Leroy.


Todays Outfit

Outfit: Trench coat Weekday T-shirt: Acne Jeans Paper denim cloth.

Part Two From Anna Kopito

Some more pics from Annas blog..check out more here


Just came back from the gym went for 50min run…so nice..its the best way to start the day. Especially if you have a long one..You feel really fit for fight and ready to handle anything the day is gonna throw at you. Right now I’m making coffee and finishing of a song I’m working on then I’m gonna head to the studio…Have a great day..

70s Disco Hippie Queen..

Hey guys…I’m in such a rush..I’m late for the studio and I just got out of the shower…Ahhh… Anyway, this is what I want to be wearing next time i go to a party..She looks like a 70s Disco hippie queen..Amazing.

My Monday so far…

Started my day with my daily 7km power-walk. Then some song writing for a song I’m recording tomorrow then rehearsing some lines for a voice over Job tomorrow (loads of vocal work tomorrow!! So Ive been drinking loads of warm water with Honey and lemon to keep the voice fit for fight) Then Ive booked my flights for London and now I’m gonna hit the gym.

On my face..

These are the products I use.. Facial toner from La Prairie and smart cream from La Prairie during the day. At night I use Estée Lauder advanced night repair…And when I go out i use Clarins beauty flash balm before applying my make up.

I know these are expensive products but I believe your face is a good investment..I used to have really troubled skin but after a one year treatment of roaccutan (Acne pills) and the right products its really cleared up and I feel so much better.