In memory of memories

Mustard & Green

I feel so heavy and tired..Not because I’m hung over I didn’t drink yesterday. Just really exhausted. This week has gone so fast and I feel like I haven’t had any time to rest! Also I have so much unfinished stuff I have to get to and I hate that feeling. So now I think a long walk to clear my mind and get some energy will do the trick!


My Outfit today…So happy about my mustard yellow tights from Top Shop.

Last Night…

Ahhh…Its snowing again…so annoying..I was just getting used to heals in the day again!! Oh well! Here are some pics of last nights outfit…Jacket H&M, Pants Acne and shoes Top shop…

My Place smells Amazing thanks to these new scented candle’s…The Watermelon is Insane.

Under My Jacket I had A sporty corset from H&M..


Done…ready!! On my way to a friends house for drinks…I’m in such a hurry I don’t have time to upload pics from camera so this will have to do for now! Loads of pics will follow tomorrow!! Have a fabulous night my wonderful readers…xx

I’m In Love!

Just found there at the Christian Louboutin website (could possibly be the most annoying website in the world!!) And they have to be mine…I wanna wear them with jeans and a white T-shirt and statement earrings.

Found some..

Found some pics from last night!! Started with Blog awards then collage..and of course an after party!!! I couldent find anything to wear last night..So i had my pink Malene Birger silk pants and paird it with a silk skarf that i tied around as a top!!! I was so scared it was gonna fall of all night. Now power walk with leeroy then studio!!

Pics stolen from Gabbi


I’m such an idiot…I took like no pic’s of my outfit yesterday…The hole day was so rushed!! But it was a super fun night…


Its been such a beautiful day..Sun is shining and everyone seems happy!! I have been out and about looking for an outfit for blog awards tonight…No luck yet!! I’m so Happy I found these heart shaped glasses at urban outfitters..there perfect for this season’s 70s vibe…They also made me want to dig out my old Chloe glasses, with the crystal hart on..Any one remember them?? I hope I still have them.